Are You a Small BUSINESS OWNER that currently feels like you own your job this is the place for you! If you feel stuck in the day to day
wearing too many hats..
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Are you a small business owner that currently feels like you own your job?


If you feel stuck in the day to day wearing too many hats…  this is the place for you!


this website you will find resources to help you





  • You wanted freedom
  • You wanted peace
  • You want to impact the lives of those around you

Instead you are working more hours than you would at a 9-5 feeling STUCK and STRESSED .

We have been there Too.

We know your dreams are possible and that’s why

we are here to empower you with the resources necessary to make it happen!

Value Packed Blog


In our value packed blog you will hear from CEO and entrepreneur Kimba Garcia on multiple powerful topics that will help you scale your company, and change your life.
Could you benefit from learning more on business finances, when to leverage other peoples money, marketing, branding, lead generation, leadership, mindset, and more….this blog is something you MUST dive into!

Design Store


In our design store we offer custom built web pages, hosting, website add on features, such as custom domain emails, affiliate link creation, and ecommerce stores. We also offer logo design.

No more monthly fees for a website builder. No more slow hosting. No more amateur looking website or logo. We build custom websites with features built in specifically with your needs in mind! We will do a consultation to plan lay out, content, and features so we can bring a vision to life that reflects your brands quality and professionalism appropriately.

Merch Store


In our merch store, we have gear made just for a CEO! YOU ARE CEO-AF, right?
Do you have the t shirt ?

You are the

CEO of your company and the CEO of your life!

It’s our mission to empower the success of small business in America

as we know it’s both the heartbeat of the American dream and the corner stone to our economy.

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