We Believe

entrepreneurs are the movers and shakers of the planet sent here at an important time for an important mission To Raise the Vibration of the Planet

Become the CEO of your Mind, Business & Soul

We know if we can get the business pieces rolling and working without you constantly working It that you will buy your time back and be able to focus on your soul’s true purpose.

Ceo-af is different than most coaching programs in the sense that we believe in our God mind being the true missing key to success today.

Sometimes people end up with money but don’t have peace.

We work with our clients through metaphysical science and Neurolinguistic Programming to:
  • Regulate the internal nervous system
  • Penetrate their subconscious mind to rewrite operational patterns that are holding them back.
  • Discover their true purpose connect to the soul contract the reason their soul choose to to come to earth.

At CEO-AF we work with life business and spirituality understanding that true success is appreciating life through the ebs and flows while growing through both contrast and expansion.

Through our programs you establish systems and process that create your solid foundation on and reverse engineer your life by design for what the unlikely looks like to you.

Our Programs are influential and created by

CEO-AF Coaches

Meet our professional team meambers.

Rachel Pieterson

Jonathan Fail

Mercedes Davis

We know all organizations from S-corps to LLC’s to solc all require key pillars to function effectively.


We focus on holistic and granular approach to tapping into your creativity to build out your vision in an organized and effective way

We heal and rewrite at a subconscious level down into cellular memory to find the limitless version of you.
We dive into fun approach to numbers and building long term net worth.
If you’re looking for a tribe that values rising the collective and winning together we would be honored for you to click the program below that best speaks to you.

We believe that we manifest the people meant to plug into our tribe to help raise the vibration of the planet together

“as we heal ourselves, we heal others” and as we grow our companies we create opportunities for others.

Our model Isn’t for everyone, but if you can open your heart and do your homework, there is no way not to get results. ceo-af is an investment, not a cost… with real business owners getting real results..

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CEO-AF Supports the mission of raising the vibration of the planet through 501c Non Profits

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