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This podcast is hosted by Kimba, Amanda, and Chris... our knowledgeable coaches from CEO-AF. In these weekly episodes they give out a TON of FREE value you can implement on your journey of becoming the CEO of your LIFE. Hear it on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify!

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Are you ready to gain control of your mindset, of your finances, and embrace your power so you can finally realize your purpose and fulfill it? GREAT NEWS. We are excited you are here!

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Become CEO-AF?

CEO-AF is an agency for small business owners where our focus is helping you take control of both your sanity and your business.
We know your dreams are possible and that’s why we empower you with the resources to become the CEO of your company and of your life.
Business consulting

See our consulting programs, mastermind groups, and on site trainings that are designed to help you align your life and take control of your mindset, your business, and your future. Designing the life you want to live is CEO-AF!

Podcast Launcher

You record … we do the rest!, We design the intro music, Icon / logo, RSS channel, Edit and launch to all platforms, Landing page, Create social sizzles for marketing & More

Website design

A professional web presence is a must in today’s market. Don’t settle for an armature looking design. We will get to know your company and your business so we can work with you to build a website that perfectly fits your brand and your needs.

VA Services

A virtual assistant can do task for your business such as email management, data entry, crm management, & more for as little as $7 per hour! Our VA package offers a low minimum of only ten hours per week!

Logos & Animation Videos

Your logo is your company’s face and signature. We look forward to designing one that is both unique and professional, just like you!

Website & Email Hosting

Say good bye to servers that cause your site to load slow. Our low cost hosting option provides your end user with a better loading experience

About Us

Welcome to CEO-AF

Do you need a process for things like marketing, creating job roles, recruiting, hiring, training, tracking and understanding the flow of your money, systems that would raise efficiency in operations?

We love to help you go from the owner of your job to being a CEO who can delegate and make data based decisions.


This website you will find resources to help you

  • You wanted freedom
  • You wanted peace
  • You want to impact the lives of those around you

Instead you are working more hours than you would at a 9-5 feeling STUCK and STRESSED .

We have been there too and we’ve learned it doesn’t have to be this way.

We know your dreams are possible and that’s why

we are here to empower you with the resources necessary to make it happen!

Value Packed Blog

In our value packed blog you will hear from CEO and entrepreneur Kimba Garcia on multiple powerful topics that will help you scale your company, and change your life. Could you benefit from learning more on business finances, when to leverage other peoples money, marketing, branding, lead generation, leadership, mindset, and more….this blog is something you MUST dive into!

Design Store

In our design store we offer custom built web pages, hosting, website add on features, such as custom domain emails, affiliate link creation, and ecommerce stores. We also offer logo and animation design.

No more monthly fees for a website builder. No more slow hosting. No more amateur looking website or logo. We build custom websites with features built in specifically with your needs in mind! We will do a consultation to plan lay out, content, and features so we can bring a vision to life that reflects your brands quality and professionalism appropriately

Merch Store

Our merch store is created with the CEO in mind. From items like polarized sunglasses, to CEO-AF T’s, hoodies, & even merch for the FUTURE CEO’s in your life.

We will all be “labeled” by someone eventually, you might as well CHOOSE yours.

You ARE CEO-AF. Wear it proudly.

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Clients Testimonials

Over the past two years, I gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge from a long list of industry experts and now close friends. too many names to recognize in this post
As well as becoming CEO-AF of my own life and business! Thanks to Kimba Garcia, Amanda Bell, and Christopher Codere !!!
Most might say they are excited to see what the future holds, continue their normal life, and hope for the best.
I, on the other hand, am anxious to direct my everyday thoughts and actions to create a predictable future consisting of whatever the f*** I want !!!

Control your mind and you can control your future.

John Balogh

Health and wellness has been my passion, The CEO-AF showed me how to point my passion in a direction that best suits my abilities, experience, and passion.
These business coaches helped me find my WHY.
WHY can be the hardest part of a journey.
I can’t wait to help my community grow healthier with my future business, these coaches not only KNOW what they are doing they have the experience of applying their techniques to their own small businesses and grow them ten fold.
If you’re looking for direction in owning your own small business reach out to my girl’s Amanda Bell Kimba Garcia at The Conference Room brought to you by CEO AF .
Plant your seed and not only watch it grow, but enforce it with a field of a 1000 more abundant seeds that’s CEO AF!!!

Warrior User

Here is our new and updated website
We had Ceo-AF take over and completely revamp our website. And we are very happy with how it turned out!
It’s only been active a couple days and we have already gotten our first lead and appt set up for tomorrow!
I highly recommend using them if you are wanting to update your website or even start from the very beginning, they will take care of you all the way.

Brittany Emerson

The coaching experience has exceeded all of my expectations. Always going above and beyond my expectations and pushing me into realms that I hadn’t thought about. She really focuses in on what your needs are and helps with a strategic plan of action for growth.

Kelly L
Kelly L

As a business owner, it can be challenging to manage all the different aspects of growing your business. Fortunately, the team at Ceo-AF does an amazing job of handling some of those pieces for you. Their logo designs and website builds allow you to take your company branding to a whole new level!

Shawn C
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