Is it time for you to step into Your confidence and find your power?

Time to set free thoughts & self limiting beliefs that don’t serve you?

Do you have some healing to do around things that don’t align with your desires in 2023?

This is for you.

Starting on February 1st and will last
the entire month of February.

28day Virtual Retreat

It's $99 for 1 sign up OR we are doing a "give back" where you can sign 2 people up for $150... you can choose the 2nd person or we can donate it to another.

It's our FIRST EVER event where it's NOT
Just for business owners.

Things we will cover:

  • FB live every Wednesday at 4.30pm CST.
  • Meditation
  • Engage and communicate on FB group DAILY
  • Yoga & Fitness routine
  • Rewired series by Dr Joe Dispenza

Day 1 We will start a Wheel of Life document that gets emailed to you

Week 1

Self-limiting beliefs & THOUGHT audits

Week 2

Triggers & Replacing with Anchors ⚓️

Week 3

Personal Budget & Wealth Accumulator

Week 4

Awakening & Future Self Mapping

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