Kimba Garcia

Entrepreneur and CEO based out of Dallas/ Fort Worth.
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About MeKimba Garcia is an Entrepreneur and CEO based out of Dallas/ Fort Worth.

She started her first business at 21 year’s old as a single mother to a 3 year old son and has been self employed ever since.

“I had my first child when I was only 18 years old. His father wasn’t in the picture, so both elements of time and finances fell on me. I knew entrepreneurship was my best chance to pay the bills AND be active in things that were important to him. I wanted to pick him up from school and make field trips. I needed to be able to make my own terms,” Kimba says. That’s how she fell in love with small business and being the CEO of her life.

She currently owns a multi million dollar roofing and restorations company with her husband Robby Garcia. Together they have made a power house team on growth and scaling.

Kimba and Robby prioritize culture in their company which many attribute their fast growth and success to. RKG Roofing & Construction is known for being vibrant, fun, and unique.

Kimba knows there has been many factors to their brand sustainability such as back end process’, training, branding, and the human element of inspiration.
“Everyone loves an underdog story.” She says, “and Robby and I are the story of the underdog.”

Both coming from humble beginnings, they, like many business owners had a lot to learn.
“what we didn’t know, we studied, and that’s how I know anyone can. People just get scared of what they don’t know. The beautiful part is, the freedom they want is on the other side of obtaining the right knowledge and connecting with the right resources.” – KG

Kimba is also the mother of three children. Peyton 14, McKinley 10, and Blayze 7.

“They are a huge part of my “why”. Not necessarily because I want to give them the things that I didn’t have, but because I want them to see the possibility within life. Life is such a wonderful thing with limitless possibilities. I want them to know the sky is the limit in their own life journey. They can do anything they set their mind to. At my house, we don’t have limits…. just the next thing in queue we are going to win at.”

Robby and Kimba’s ten year old daughter recently started her own entrepreneurial journey with her business. www.TheKinBag.Com where she offers subscription based bags made for ages 6-14 with the intention of reminding every girl they are special.

Robby and Kimba

In the families free time they love to hit the lake for some surfing and wakeboarding.

Robby and Kimba also enjoy quality time on their Harley together.

Kimba has been featured on multiple podcast discussing being a woman in construction, real estate, as well as mindset and leadership.

She knows there is something special about entrepreneurs. There is something inside them that makes them a different breed. She says those are her people. The visionary’s, the dreamers, & the people crazy enough to believe they can change the world, Kimba knows are the ones that do!

Her reason for branching into coaching and consulting is her passion for small business owners that are in the trenches making their dreams come true. She gets it. She gets them. The pain, the glory, the battle, and the triumph is all part of the journey that is building and scaling a company of any kind. It’s Kimba’s favorite thing in the world.

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