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Going from a single teenage mom from a small town outside of Fort Worth Texas to being a multi business owner creating multi-millions in revenue annually.

She has went on to become a speaker, a podcast host, & being published in Yahoo Finance for her board position for a company that is backed by private equity.

She loves to share her journey along with tactical advice on her social media and podcast, Becoming CEO AF.

Kimba prides herself in living a life by design. She believes we are all living the life we created and that we get what we expect.

As an NLP Practitioner and coach she now helps others rewire past pains and self limiting beliefs into thought patterns that lead them to more successful outcomes and a life that is, well……

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Her brand CEO-AF she owns with her best friend Amanda Bell works with entrepreneurs in the areas of life, business, and spirituality.

Kimba is known for the energy she brings to the room and having a spirit that is contagious to those she works with.


Clients Testimonials

Over the past two years, I gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge from a long list of industry experts and now close friends. too many names to recognize in this post
As well as becoming CEO-AF of my own life and business! Thanks to Kimba Garcia, Amanda Bell, and Christopher Codere !!!
Most might say they are excited to see what the future holds, continue their normal life, and hope for the best.
I, on the other hand, am anxious to direct my everyday thoughts and actions to create a predictable future consisting of whatever the f*** I want !!!

Control your mind and you can control your future.

John Balogh

Health and wellness has been my passion, The CEO-AF showed me how to point my passion in a direction that best suits my abilities, experience, and passion.
These business coaches helped me find my WHY.
WHY can be the hardest part of a journey.
I can’t wait to help my community grow healthier with my future business, these coaches not only KNOW what they are doing they have the experience of applying their techniques to their own small businesses and grow them ten fold.
If you’re looking for direction in owning your own small business reach out to my girl’s Amanda Bell Kimba Garcia at The Conference Room brought to you by CEO AF .
Plant your seed and not only watch it grow, but enforce it with a field of a 1000 more abundant seeds that’s CEO AF!!!

Warrior User

Here is our new and updated website
We had Ceo-AF take over and completely revamp our website. And we are very happy with how it turned out!
It’s only been active a couple days and we have already gotten our first lead and appt set up for tomorrow!
I highly recommend using them if you are wanting to update your website or even start from the very beginning, they will take care of you all the way.

Brittany Emerson

The coaching experience has exceeded all of my expectations. Always going above and beyond my expectations and pushing me into realms that I hadn’t thought about. She really focuses in on what your needs are and helps with a strategic plan of action for growth.

Kelly L
Kelly L

As a business owner, it can be challenging to manage all the different aspects of growing your business. Fortunately, the team at Ceo-AF does an amazing job of handling some of those pieces for you. Their logo designs and website builds allow you to take your company branding to a whole new level!

Shawn C
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CEO AF is an agency for business owners that helps you go from owning your job to being the CEO of your LIFE with the following coaching programs and services.

1-1 coaching.

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Access to Kimba via text or messenger for one month in between sessions

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Access to Kimba via text or messenger for one month in between sessions

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Access to Kimba via text or messenger for one month in between sessions
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