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Going from a single teenage mom from a small town outside of Fort Worth Texas to being a multi business owner creating multi-millions in revenue annually.

She has went on to become a speaker, a podcast host, & being published in Yahoo Finance for her board position for a company that is backed by private equity.

She loves to share her journey along with tactical advice on her social media and podcast, Becoming CEO AF.

Kimba prides herself in living a life by design. She believes we are all living the life we created and that we get what we expect.

As an NLP Practitioner and coach she now helps others rewire past pains and self limiting beliefs into thought patterns that lead them to more successful outcomes and a life that is, well……

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Her brand CEO-AF she owns with her best friend Amanda Bell works with entrepreneurs in the areas of life, business, and spirituality.

Kimba is known for the energy she brings to the room and having a spirit that is contagious to those she works with.

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