Located in Cleburne, Texas

February 2 to February 4

This event will change your life

We guarantee you will walk away with purpose, connection, community and a revived sense of self.

Your Awakening Journey is a 3-day immersive event designed to help you awaken your most potent self and truly understand your unique value in the world.

You can expect healing, empowerment, and transformation through

Your Awakening Journey is a return to the authentic HUMAN experience

Beautiful and Relaxing Ranch Home Retreat

Build Community. Dive Deep. Get Connected. Feel Alive.

What does it mean to be human? More importantly, what is VALUE of being a human in today’s world?

Spend two days with us exploring your humanity, soul relevance, and full human potential.

Your Awakening Journey is the bridge between where you are and where you want to be. We will take a deep inventory of  the areas of your life that you want to explore and create opportunities for understanding, quantum growth, and actual healing.  

Join us for sessions in movement, breathwork, meditation, sound healing and activations that will empower you tap into your inner sacred self and provide clarity on what you are seeking in your life. 

We are not here to tell you what to think
We are here to help you THINK 
To connect you to your HUMANNESS

To understand your VALUE as an individual  And to powerfully claim your AUTHENTICITY 

Your Awakening Journey is centered around remembering what it means to be HUMAN

Through this 3-day immersive experience you WILL

  • Learn more ways to communicate effectively
  • Build your faith and embodiment of natural healing
  • Develop and know how to hold strong boundaries that actually create more freedom and respect

By the end of the weekend, you will have developed a hyperfocus on what REALLY matters in your life… WHATEVER that is. And you will be prepared to get after it.

What to expect

It doesn’t matter how you walk into Soul REvival. You will leave with courage, connection, community, and the capacity to live authentically.

Day 1

Day one is for grounding and reflection. Through curated experiences, break out groups, movement, breathwork, meditation, and shared wisdom from our speakers you will deep dive into SELF.   Day one is a full day of exploring that which means most to you, how you are currently showing up in your life, and what you want to release and call in – all while being connected to source. The day ends under the moon as we set our souls free at an ecstatic dance party.

Day 2


Day two is the day you will be supported as you create the plan that will change your life. Yesterday’s reflections are used to create your future roadmap. You will walk away with tangible elements and a clear path to move forward in a good way. Day two, we do the work, together, and you head home connected to your higher self, your purpose, the things that matter to you, with actionable FOCUS and a powerful COMMUNITY.

Beyond Soul Revival


The Soul Revival continues through the connections you will make at this event. Life-long, elevating relationships are made with like-minded attendees, facilitators, vendors, and speakers. You will walk away with strong soul connections and an understanding of your purpose and belonging here on Earth. 

But I need your help. I dont know what to do My dear Child, dont you see? Nobody Does. We are all on our own journey. To discover our magic within. We all have a purpose to find and we all have dragons to slay. In the end, only you can know. this is your journey darling. Not mine….

Know, understand, and fully appreciate what makes you valuable as a human.

You are a precious being. A creation. A human. And you have purpose. Explore these questions as you consider Your Awakening Journey. Feel the feelings the answers bring without judgment and come as you are.
Depleted, curious, burnout, alone, unsure, or simply ready for the next adventure. Doesn’t matter. Either way, you will leave transformed and with Your Awakening Journey.
  • What does it mean to be authentic in an artificial world?
  • What does health, healing, presence, connection, community, and living actually look like with the infiltration of more and more artificially created environments?
  • How does that understanding of your uniqueness impact your life? 
  • Your business?
  • Your vision?
  • Your partnership?
  • Your family?
  • Your parenting?
  • Your finances?
  • Your health?
  • Your clarity?
  • Your energy?
  • Your boundaries?
  • Your prayers?
Your Awakening Journey is a coming home to SELF.
A healing experience for your SOUL.
Your opportunity to be HUMAN
early bird special
$ 999 $1333
Full inclusive 2 day exclusive experience that doesn’t end just because the daytime activities did.
Get exclusive and private time with the practitioners.
including lodging and all Lunch
2 day pass
$ 500
Daytime activities with practitioners
Lunch at the event
*Sleeping arrangements not included
1 day pass
$ 250
Daytime activities with practitioners
Lunch at the event
*Sleeping arrangements not included