Logos act as both a SIGNATURE and a FACE for your company. As an entrepreneur, it is your goal to stamp this logo everywhere you can and have it as recognizable as possible.

Logos are very impactful and therefore especially important to your company.


Your logo should reflect your brands quality, professionalism, and services.

A good logo gives a customer a memory of what your company does and causes them to reflect on how that makes them feel.

You want your logo to coincide with your culture and be an image over your overall vision.

You should THINK BIG but SIMPLE on logo creation because you need a brand you can “grow into” for years to come, not something you will outgrow as you scale. Prioritize QUALITY EARLY!

Rebranding can be a daunting task. Best practice says, create a kick ass logo, and marry it!

When in the process of creating something for my roofing company, RKG, this was our exact ideology. Our logo has been able to get us through multiple levels of growth and is something I am proud to continue to carry with me to the top.

When we first got started, I did what many people do, mostly because they don’t know better. I didn’t.

I went to vista print and got some generic over used logo with some text that had the name of my LLC. My cards and yard signs rocked this very generic copy and paste logo.

I felt it represented my company cheaply and unfortunately, did not serve its purpose as being memorable or highly valuable at all.

It was not a signature I could STAMP or an image that really stood for anything.

WE STOOD FOR SOMETHING and I wanted a brand that reflected that.

The unfortunate part is, I wasted that first year of traction on a logo that sucked.

At the time of this writing, my company is 4 years old and has scaled for zero in revenue to on track to hit the 8 figure mark this year. One year is equal to 25% of our lifespan that I was not being branded correctly from the jump. How much did that cost us in retrospect?

You don’t know what you don’t know and not all lessons are learned cheap, however, my goal at CEO-AF is to help my readers skip the punches I help endured. The faster you learn, the faster you do better, the faster you GROW!

If your company logo sucks, I suggest you get this fixed ASAP so you can really reach your full branding potential.

I wanted a logo that was vibrant and bold just like we are. I wanted a logo that was simple and easy to digest. I wanted it to be both my signature and my stamp.

I get feedback often from people who say they “See RKG everywhere.”

Do they? Or do they just remember EVERY time they do?

This logo is currently on 10 or so trucks in our local market. There are companies that have more.

There are companies that have A LOT more. Mine stand out.

My logo is also on the polos, cards, and yard signs, of 20 plus sales representatives. I have companies in my market twice our size….. but we are scaling to their level in a FRACTION of the time.

“They see US everywhere” and when they do, they have an experience they remember.

They know the red and black RKG stamp.

They know we are both loud and compassionate.

They remember us for the community give backs we do and the attention to quality on our jobs that we show up with.

They see a logo and they have a general perception of what that stands for.

RKG is the story of the underdog that has overcome any and all challenges to reach our targets.

It’s a culture that says, what we don’t know we will learn so we can always be improving for the customers we serve.

It’s a reputation that says we aren’t perfect, but we are hyper accountable. That gains us trust.

I highly recommend your logo also stands for a story, a story that only you can create, but that’s what makes you CEO-AF, right?

I suggest you have the logo done by a designer that can offer your file in multiple different file formats so you can have it for all the things….

Merchandise, website, business cards, etc……

If this a service that you need, you can actually use this website as your resource. We offer a competitive cost but high-quality logo design. We will get to know your story and vision and help create a winning logo for you. This is something I believe to be so important to small business’ when scaling that I decided to offer It as an in-house feature so that I can help consult for, and execute on, your vision with MY designer.

If you are interested in this service, click here to visit our design store for more info.