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I love being able to use my gift through coaching. I love the thrill of this, work and watching others succeed. This passion has taken taken me to many different places and has given me opportunities to work with many talented people in different industries. Enter my world….

Learn how to embody your work, created, and be the leader
you were meant to be

Working With Mercedes

About Mercedes

We all have a story don’t we?

Starting her story early on when she became a mom at 18. Marring her high school sweet heart, and having 2 more kids later on. life began to unfold in ways she didn’t expect. After walking through a devoice. She found herself starting all over.

Walking through life trying to find her own identity again. She focused on building the character within.

As time went on she got remarried, and built a life she was proud of. Both her & her husband are partners in multiple businesses. From running a Freight brokerage. investment properties, and now building out their solar team.

She has led many through coaching on emotional intelligence, relationships, self development, and through ceo-af she will be guiding others in the warrior program.

As she continues to lead herself. and continuing to become the next~ level of self. she leads others to do the same.

Guiding others to be in alignment with the Ceo within. to lead their business & personal life.

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