A virtual assistant is a cost effective investment for any sized business.

We take on important back end task in the business to allow the entrepreneur to focus on revenue producing activities.

Starting at $7 An hour with a 10 hour a week min a VA could be your back end admin team for as little as $70 a week.

Is TEN hours of your time worth $70?

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Our VA’s are our full time employees. Not sub contracted by a other firm. They are trained with the systems and processes we utilize for the back end office process’ within our companies and those of CEO AF private clients.

Set up fee includes process set up and VA training on your specifics by a CEO-AF coach.

This fee is waived for all clients of the CEO AF Warrior Coaching Program.

Members of The CEO AF Conference Room get a 10% discount.

Text TCR to 26786 for More details

Private clients should email to take advantage of their discount and launch their custom services.

  • Email Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Updating tracking sheets
  • P&L data entry
  • Data Logging in Crms
  • Receipts management
  • & More
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VA services


10 hour a week min

  • $699 training and set up fee
  • $100 a month management fee