Roofing Sales Programing Box

This box is a dream come true for roofing companies owners buildings a sales team.

I wish I had this.

Instead I spent YEARS, tons of headaches, and had retention problems trying to find the perfect model of team structure, pay plans, support systems, and ACCOUNTABILITY.

This box will give you a solid foundation to start a sales team and have the documents in place to crush it at a high level.

It includes:


We add YOUR LOGO and send the entire file to you in an file that you are able to make any edits to that you want to make this fit your company to a T.

A Glance Inside :

2023 sales program including

Sales Associate Agreement

  • Subcontractor by Definition.
  • Core Values.
  • Culture & Attitude.
  • Photographic Release Agreement.
  • Non-Competition Agreement.
  • On-Site Conduct.
  • Timeline.
  • Back Charges.
  • Waiver of Lien.
  • Disciplinary Actions/Termination.
  • & Much More

The Solar Sales Process for Roofing Reps



  • Competitions
  • Team Structure
  • And Override Schedules

Written Objection Training

And lift the objections on the paper but not the responses to them

Branded Marketing

  • Sorry we missed you notes
  • Roof certification of health

Pipeline Management And Accountability

  • Greatness tracker
  • Lead tracker
  • pay log

This PAY LOG will allow your reps to see what they are making and if they are on track to hit their goals!

This investment is truly a no brainer to access the same documents 8 figure companies are using with success to run multi million dollar sales teams.

Your reps will be empowered with a “training binder” including the only real 11 objections we believe they hear at the door….

System we use for tracking great conversations and following up on leads.

You’ll have pay agreements and employment agreements that will protect your internet and clarify expectations to reps in writing.

You’ll have some simple door “sorry we missed yous” to leave behind hand written letters to customers who need you

And all of this is branded to YOUR COMPANY.

We add YOUR LOGO and send the entire file to you in an file that you are able to make any edits to that you want to make this fIt your company to a T.

When you click here and buy now, you also unlock a free training call with Kimba Who will run through the box with you and COACH YOU on exactly how to use all the forms and WHY. ( free 30 min call)

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