[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I know, I know…. You “can’t” meditate.

Your brain is ALWAYS going. You ARE an entrepreneur after all. Who could expect anything different?

Most business owners I speak to tell me the same thing. They just CAN’T do it.

Usually what I find is that they don’t really know what “it” is.

They have the WRONG idea about what meditation is and what their goal is within that time. One simple shift in perspective on this WILL change your life, help you gain MORE control, and feel MORE at peace.

Of course your brain is always GOING.

Not only because you are an entrepreneur, but because you are human and that’s what human brains do…. They wander. They just DO.

Meditation IS NOT being able to shut that thing up and sit in silence.

IT IS the practice of objectively being aware of WHERE your brain runs, take note of that without judgement, and come back to your breath.

It is noticing when your brain wanders and being able to reel it back in.

Eventually you’ll get very fast at being the keeper of your thoughts. You consciously let go of the ones that don’t serve you and get faster at making your way out of the chaos and back to your center.


What if NOTHING could knock you back, at least not for very long?

The more often you come back to your breath, embrace the now, and let the rest go, the more often you are living in your true power. In your true power is where ALL your potential is.

Of course you’ll always be an imperfect human, but you will get faster and better at having objective self-awareness to yourself and be able to tackle RIGHT NOW more and more often.

You’ll be right in the middle of the grind feeling pissed off, stressed out, hopeless…..
And suddenly you catch yourself and make your way back to your breath.

This is powerful when it comes to your business, your peace, your relationships, your health, etc.

The truth is that your subconscious brain has all the resources it needs to realize any intention you set for it or any problem you face. You have to be able to access that information. In order to access all your subconscious’ brains files, you have to get out of the chaos.

You’ll likely notice your best ideas and solutions will come during or after a good meditation.

You don’t even know what all you are capable of when living in alignment with your TRUE power, yet.

A few of my pointers for beginning meditators:

1. Make sure you are somewhere quiet and that’s comfortable for you. I always recommend being in the sun when you can.
2. Sit Indian style with your palms on your knees facing up (welcoming in new energy) or flat on your back where you can let go of every muscle in your body.
3. Breathe. Deep. Fill those lungs up!
4. Know that voice you hear talking in there is NOT YOU. You are the awareness that HEARS IT. So don’t get lost in it. Just listen, observe where it goes, and come back to your breath.
5. Mantras can help you stay focused and also insert a positive message into your subconscious brain
6. Download the app: BALANCE. It will teach you the basics and you can go from there.
7. I also love this one on YouTube :
8. It’s not weird. So don’t feel weird.
9. 10 minutes a day will make you more CEO-AF.
10. Thank yourself every time you take the time to practice meditating. It’s a practice, a journey, not a “skill.”

Learning to watch your mind and controlling your thoughts is CEO-AF.