The magic carpet is a group life and spirituality coaching program with 1:1 coaching optional.

This program dives into the art of meditation and stress regulation, Rewiring neuron pathways in the brain towards more serving thought patterns,
finding personal power and confidence, learning to communicate in a way that builds positive relationships and establishes healthy boundaries…..

Understanding credit and personal finance. Learn how to build wealth by understanding the CEO AF wealth accumulator .

The Magic Carpet is hosted and mentored by Kimba Garcia and Amanda Bell.

Kimba is a multi- business owner and NLP Practioner. She is the Founder and CEO of RKG Roofing Restorations and Solar. an 8- figure company located in Fort Worth Texas, The CEO of CEO-AF where she focus’ on life, business, and spiritual development. She is on the board of advisors for a 9 figure digital marketing company , and holds other business’ inside of her growing portfolio.

Kimba was awarded Female of the Roofing Industry in 2022, has been featured in Yahoo Finance, on BIZ TV, in Roofing Contractors Magazine, as well as multiple podcast both inside and outside of her main industries.

She is the host of The Becoming CEO AF podcast as well as a mom, wife, yoga enthusiast, and a friend to many.

Amanda Bell is a multi business owner and certified through Harvard in Business Finance. She is the founder and CEO of the Bell Realty Group in Fort Worth Texas , an 8 figure real estate team, She is Co Owner of CEO-AF , a life , business, and spiritual coaching agency.

Amanda is the #3 realtor in the State of Texas with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Pen Fed Realty- Tx and holds multiple awards in her field that seem to stack up with each passing year.

She is the Co Host of The Becoming CEO-AF podcast. A mom, dog mom, wife, and friend to many. Amanda enjoys meditations in her hot tub, reading books, hitting the gym, or going to the lake. She’s a huge fan of beaches, sunsets, and finding gratitude all around us.

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