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Born in the England UK and grew up in a missionary family and lived all over the world. The travel gave me a deep-rooted desire to continue traveling into adulthood. As a young mom I made the decision to relight a childhood dream and join the military as a k9 handler. I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. After a life altering accident while deployed, I exited the military and fell into a dark hole. Live 4 joy was mine (and many others) savior. I had to find gratitude every day to climb out. Everything was suffering, family, business, relationships. When I made the decision to LIVE 4 JOY my life flipped upside down. I knew I had to bring other people up with me on my way. It was uncomfortable to lay down the labels I wore for over a decade. Now my label is just 1. JOY. I mastered living for joy and use it in every decision I make especially in my businesses.

Now living in New York, I can share my knowledge of CEO-AF and LIVE 4 JOY in powerful Warrior groups. Understanding that cutting the cords of the past can create unstoppable humans which this world is not used to! CEO’s that are enjoying the workload, they are living the lives they created, and they have countless daily opportunities to LIVE 4 JOY.

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There is a secret and I’m not keeping it. I want everyone to know it because everyone deserves to live a life they CHOOSE. Whatever you want in your life, more money, deeper friendships, a faster growing business, a trip around the world… there are 4 simple steps.

  1. Want – know exactly what you want
  2. Action – take action however small, everyday towards what you want
  3. Repeat – repeat your actions until they become habits
  4. Live – live in the joy you have created

LIVE 4 JOY is global. This movement and this process has improved the lives of people all over the world and I invite you to join us on this epic journey.

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