Jonathan Fail

Jonathan Fail is the owner and CEO of FREE Construction LLC and Maxed Out Realty LLC in South Mississippi. Through his Burn The Ships mentality, Jonathan was able to provide a route for his wife to stay at home with his two children. He knew once promising her she could quit her job as a teacher during the height of the pandemic, there was no looking back. It was either Win, or WIN. Jonathon hired CEO AF as his coaching agency early on his entrepreneurial journey. Since implementing that strategy and lifestyle into his company he has scaled the company almost 300% and growing. He’s taken off hats that have allowed him to follow one of CEO-AF’s core values, GIVE BACK. He’s now a business coach for CEO AF running both Warrior Pods AND doing 1-1 coaching.

In addition to coaching and running his businesses, Jonathan is also a pastor at his local church.

With Jonathan as your coach, you will be pushed to new limits that you never thought possible in your life and business. Jonathan always makes himself available to answer any questions that you may have throughout the growth journey. Whenever you hop aboard the BTS team, get ready to set fire to every possible plan B and conquer your dreams!

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What does Burn The Ships mean?

  • In the 1500’s, the Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes landed in what is now modern day Mexico. He realized that his small army of explorers would have to face the massive military force of the Aztec empire. He told his men to burn the ships so there would be no way to escape. The only way out was through the Aztecs. The plan worked out in his favor and he was able to conquer the Aztecs.
  • In a similar way in business, we must eliminate any plan B for our success. The only way for us to succeed is by making this work. This is where we quit the 9-5 life to start our business. This is where I told my wife to leave her salaried with benefits job to raise our kids and that I would provide. Once we eliminate the plan B, immense growth takes place.
  • What are you waiting for? BURN THE SHIPS!

At CEO AF we believe in bringing together movers and shakers of the planet who are called to make the changes the world desperately needs.

We call these souls Gods Volunteers and we know a heavy percentage of them are found in the entrepreneur space. By nature, they are movers, shakers, and change creators.

It’s our mission to empower these CEO’s to build out the machine that will support their true journey of finding the reason their soul came to Earth, and fulfilling that for a higher impact and a bigger cause.

If this speaks to YOU, we believe it was meant to. Thank you for being here.