I frequently make a joke that I have been “social media-ing” since dial up internet.

Its actually not a joke at all, because its true.

I started in the good ole days of the AOL chat rooms where you picked a topic and entered into a room where you could chat with people from all over the world.

Being a kid from a small town, I fell in love with the opportunity that came from connectivity at a young age. I could talk and connect with people from ANYWHERE and I would hurry home from school as early as the 6th grade to do so.

I had Facebook when Facebook was only for college students. Back then, you could only connect with people from your campus. I still remember when they went public and connected people through-out the world in a whole new way. It literally changed life as we all know it.

People use Facebook for a variety of things from keeping up with friends and family, to joining modern day topic specific rooms we now call GROUPS, to marketing their brand, down to having entire business’ built ON Facebook.

Within Facebook there are multiple ways to market and brand so I would like to break down the main three that I utilize which are organic, boost, and ads.

I often tell people to get over the fact that their “personal timeline” is somehow “personal.”

I mean that with so much love!

It is the internet, so share at your own discretion, but share ONLY what you are comfortable being seen. Period. When I say that, I mean ALSO by your clients/ customers.

There is too much opportunity within your personal page for you to act top secret or use it only to share cat memes.

What if I removed the word “Facebook” altogether and just told you that you have a FREE TOOL to reach over 5,000 people per day that could be your target customers or referral partners.

Most of you don’t need 10,000 new customers to change your life. In fact, a few new sales a month would do fine.

Creating a personal brand on social media by staying consistent and adding value to your audience in the form of both education and entertainment is a GAME changer in the modern market.

74% of US based Facebook users use the platform every day. They are getting over ads popping up in their timeline (although ads are still a power house of a tool), what is on the next wave and rising is influencer marketing. People take suggestions and referrals from people they know, like, and trust. If you are the known and liked expert in your industry and in your local market, that could be a game changer for your business!

THIS is the exact thing I give the MOST credit to for scaling my local market company from zero to on track to hit 8 figures in revenue (at the time of this writing) in 4 years. I became liked and known by showing up consistently and building real relationships online with people who wanted to do business with me, and send their friends to do the same.
I displayed my core value to integrity and doing good business with good people. I educated them on things they need to know to make a decision on my service, and I did so in a way that was upbeat and fun. It’s important to note that people don’t come to social media to be “sold to” ; they come there for inspiration to make decisions and for entertainment.

Another tool for social media is boosting post. You might hear some people down talk this Facebook feature, but I will tell you how I use it and you can make your own call if it’s right for you.

You can ONLY boost post from a business page. You do have to spend a little bit of money. That’s what is nice though. You literally ONLY have to spend a LITTLE BIT. If you do not have a big ad budget, no big deal. You can still find value in this feature for only a couple of dollars.

To boost a post, start by creating a great piece of content as a post. You want to start with a headline that could catch someone’s attention, use spacing in your copy to keep it easy to digest, and partner that with a clean image or video. Post as normal on your business timeline.

Facebook will then give you the option to boost the post.

Without paying for a boost, unfortunately, not many of your followers will see the content. It’s good to keep current content on your timeline so that when someone goes to look for your page, they see an active business. Without a boost, do not expect the same level of engagement like you do from a personal page until you pump some cash behind it and pay for the exposure.

The great thing about paying for that exposure is that you get to choose EXACTLY who that exposure goes to by setting your audience.

I would like to encourage you to take the time to dig through the demographic options until you find the ones that make the most sense for your business. The potential on them breaks down from location, age, interest, hobbies, shopping behavior etc.

Set demographics, time to run the boost, and the budget. Facebook will put your post in the people’s newsfeed you choose for them to engage with.

You can click on the reactions directly to see a list of WHO reacted to the post. If they don’t already follow your page or haven’t been invited to yet, you will see a blue INVITE button that is clickable. Invite them to like your page so that you can retarget people who showed interest in your brand  later  with future content.

Last but not least, Facebook Ads.

You can access the ads platform of Facebook by visiting

www.business.facebook.com but enter at your own risk.

This platform of Facebook is much LESS intuitive than the one you are used to and, in fact, requires TRAINING to fully utilize and navigate. However, there are a few features you can figure out with some light effort that can majorly change the game in your marketing.

I highly suggest ensuring that you have your Facebook PIXEL plugged into your website. This is a piece of code that allows Facebook to track visitors to your website and their behavior. You can then retarget them with things they showed interest in on your site. To find your Facebook pixel go to the business platform > business settings > Data Sources > Pixels. You can copy and paste this into your website or have your developer do so for you.

The important thing to know about ads is that they WILL NOT show up in your business page timeline. They are completely independent as they ONLY go to places Facebook places the ads based on the audience that you chose.

Facebook ad campaigns are broken down into three segments.

Campaign is like the folder in which the ads will be held.

Ad set chooses who sees the ad

Ad is the content that the end viewer will experience.

I highly suggest leaving any ad you create set as a traffic ad and pushing them back to your website to book an appointment. It will feel natural to choose “lead form” at this part in the process as we all want to generate LEADS right, that’s why we are setting ads to begin with. It is important to know that Facebook, as of now, will not notify you when a lead form comes in. The only place to see it is by going into the business Facebook platform and checking. This is obviously not ideal for connecting with leads quickly. You can integrate it with another crm such as Constant Contact, but it does take some skill to do some integrations. I find taking bookings through my website to be the easiest since I have that set up to email me upon a new appointment request.

Whether you want to keep it simple with becoming known liked and trusted as an influencer in your market, or you feel brave enough to take on spending some money on your Facebook ads, the potential to generate revenue Facebook is VAST and POWERFUL.

Once I proved this to be true with my company, I had many entrepreneurs come to me asking for help to copy my system with their brand. I partnered with WinRate Consulting to do a 10-week mastermind course where we taught 30 other business owners how to INK WINS using social media and they were able to use it to see massive results for themselves!

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If you would like to skip the learning curve and have someone who can set and manage Facebook Ads FOR YOU, there are services who do that. You do have to be careful of WHO to hire.

It’s hard to hire someone for something you know little about. This is why testimonials or going with someone referred to you is so crucial. Not getting results would mean wasted money.

Results come in different “values.” Warm leads being ideal, but don’t under-estimate the value that comes with just exposing your logo and brand to your target market to warm them up to do business with you later.

If you are interested in hiring out your Facebook ads management so that you can skip the learning curve and get faster result, I recommend booking a free consultation with my trusted referral on Facebook Ads. Visit here to book a consultation with Mason Moody.